2 The Fullest

Highly palatable haylage based supplement for ruminants.



60 Seconds with Sunglo: 2 The Fullest with Cob


Features and Benefits

  • Highly palatable, forage-based supplement with Orchard and Timothy grasses, and cob inclusion

  • You'll want access to as much as you can get on show day

  • Can be used at any time in the feeding phase to get your ruminants full and fresh


What type of animal does 2 the Fullest work well on?

2 the Fullest can work well on any ruminant that needs an extra shot of body, center dimension or just simply more feed intake. It's highly palatable and easy to digest. There likely isn't a scenario where this product isn't useful to have on hand on show day or whenever an extra shot of fill is needed.

How does 2 the Fullest differ from other filler products in the Sunglo lineup?

2 the Fullest is a forage-based supplement that comes in a sealed bale. It's texture and composition are completely different than Full Tank and Full Body which are both pelleted and offer different utility than 2 the Fullest.

How much 2 the Fullest with Cob™ do I feed and when do I feed it?

Depending on your animal, and the amount of fill that they need, 2 the Fullest can be fed to up to 10 lbs. per head per day for show cattle or to their desired fill, and up to 1.5 lbs. per head per day to lambs and goats. Start slow, and at home, and gradually increase until you're seeing your desired results.

Important Management Tips

  • Always provide access to fresh, clean water.
  • Check weight gains at set time intervals and adjust daily feeding rate as needed until target weight is reached.
  • Always transition slowly from one ration to another to help avoid digestive upset.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein: 8.00%
  • Fat: 2.50%
  • Fiber: 30.00%
  • Form: Forage