16% ground feed designed to add condition and calm muscle shape



60 Seconds with Sunglo: 16G Pig Feed



How They Feed: G-Line with Baxter Howell


Sunglo® 16 G-Line™ meal feed is a 16% protein option for tighter made market hogs or breeding gilts that need added body and finish. If you're looking for an 18% protein option, check out Sunglo® 18-G.


Using Sunglo® 16-G:

  •  Sunglo® 16-G™ can be fed once your pig reaches 75 lbs. and up, or at any time during the feeding period depending on genetics, maturity and style of pig you're feeding. 

  • At the start of the feeding period, gradually introduce Sunglo® 16-G™ over time the first few days, divided into two equal feedings.

  • Start at a rate of up to 3 lbs. per day for younger pigs, and up to 8 lbs. per head per day for pigs 200 lbs. and up, all while adjusting the amount based on consumption, end goal, and rate of gain.

  • Transition slowly from one ration to another to minimize risk of digestive upsets.

  • Be sure to include Sunglo® CleanOut™ as part of your deworming protocol.

  • Always be sure to keep pigs warm, dry, and allow plenty of fresh, free choice water. 

Feeding Tips:

Slowing Rate of Gain:

If your pigs are gaining too rapidly, it may be necessary to use one of the following options:



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Guaranteed Analysis for Sunglo® 16-G™:

Protein: 16.00%
Fat: 5.00%
Fiber: 4.00%
Lysine: 1.00%
Medication: Non-Med*
Form: Meal

*consult with your veterinarian and local G-Line manufacturer for custom medication options

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