Full Body

High-performance pellet with cob inclusion for creep, sales prep, pre-conditioning or extra body fill. 


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How They Feed: Sunglo Full Body with Jeremy Clark



Sunglo Full Body is the most versatile complete feed in the Sunglo cattle lineup as it can be used as a preconditioning (getting cattle ready to take on a grain-based diet) ration for cattle starting as small as 300 lbs., as a receiving ration when they hit their new home, as part of a holding ration on big cattle, or at any time in the feeding phase as a supplement when extra rib and dimension is desired. 

Features and Benefits

  • Added selenium and vitamins A & E help support immune system response
  • Potassium helps keep cattle hydrated and on feed
  • Cob inclusion helps support a healthy rumen microbe population to support overall feed intake and digestion


What type of calf does Sunglo Full Body work well on?

We've not found one feeding scenario in which Sunglo Full Body has not been beneficial. From weaning, to feeding a heifer for a junior national, and everything in between, Sunglo Full Body needs to be in your feed room. Simply put, there is rarely a feeding scenario where Sunglo Full Body shouldn't be in your diets!

How does Sunglo Full Body compare to other feeds in the Sunglo lineup? 

Full Body is a totally different product compared to other diets within our lineup. This is a pelleted feed that can be used at any time in the feeding phase. It's cob inclusion also sets it apart to help support rumen health and extra nutritional gains. Without a doubt, Full Body is becoming the most popular feed within our lineup today, as some of the most prominent feeders in the country keep it on hand at all times. 

How much Sunglo Full Body do I feed and when do I start?

  • For sale cattle and after:
    • Feed Sunglo Full Body as the sole ration 30 to 45 days before and 15 days after sale date.
    • After Sunglo Full Body, switch to Sunglo Show Calf Grower, Developer or 12T and continue one of those rations through the growing period. We recommend you then switch to Sunglo Show Calf Finisher a minimum of 120 days before your final show date.
  • When receiving calves, introduce Sunglo Full Body gradually over a three-day period:
    • Day 1: Feed hay free choice with 5 lb. of Sunglo Full Body per head, divided into two equal feedings.
    • Day 2: Feed hay free choice with 8 lb. of Sunglo Full Body per head, divided into two equal feedings.
    • Day 3: Feed Sunglo Full Body feed free choice with free-choice hay. Hay is optional after Day 5.
  • For everyday or show day fill:
    • Feed 1–5 lbs. of Full Body mixed with complete feed to achieve your desired fuller look. Also be sure to check out 2 the Fullest with Cob & Full Tank as other options for show day fill. 

Important Management Tips

  • Always provide access to fresh, clean water.
  • Check weight gains at set time intervals and adjust daily feeding rate as needed until target weight is reached.
  • Cattle should have access to high quality grass hay. 
  • Always transition slowly from one ration to another to help avoid digestive upset.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein: 12.00%
  • Fat: 3.00%
  • Fiber: 26.00%
  • Form: Pellet