Lamb Transition

Ideal for show lambs, breeding ewes and bucks being fitted for sale. 

Formulated for lambs one week old through weaning as a creep feed and as the sole ration for lambs from weaning to 50-60 pounds of bodyweight. Ideal for show lambs, breeding ewes and bucks being fitted for sale. Also for newly purchased show lambs to help ease their transition and support continued growth and development.

Healthy Tract™ Technology: A proprietary blend of select ingredients helps support urinary tract health by lowering pH levels and balancing calcium and phosphorous levels for optimum function in show lambs on nutrient-rich show diets.

Advanced amino acid profile: Multiple sources of protein, by-pass amino acids and guaranteed amino acid levels help create a winning profile promoting optimum performance, including  muscle development, growth in frame, bloom and body condition.

Superior palatability: Innovative formula with superior palatability encourages consumption in young, early weaned lambs and helps keep lambs on feed for proper intake levels and superior performance from start to finish.

Performance-driven features: A powerful combination of added features promotes superior performance in show lambs, including Omega-3 fatty acids, added yeast culture, direct-fed microbials and organic trace mineral complexes of selenium, zinc, manganese and cobalt.

Active nutrient supply: Elevated nutrient levels, enhanced nutrient availability and superior overall nutritional balance promote unprecedented performance in show lambs at every stage.

Show micronutrients: Select micronutrients support strong bones, a healthy immune system and muscle mass found in superior show lambs, including Vitamin E, thiamine, biotin and zinc.

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) added: Supports the thiamine nutrient requirement for lambs. Thiamine is important for normal brain function.

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 20.00%
Fat: 3.00%
Fiber: 5.00%
Medication: Deccox
Form: Pellet

*Available only on the west coast