Man Up

Supplement for cattle containing Optaflexx and enhanced fat sources for increased gains.


60 Seconds with Sunglo: Man Up


Features and Benefits

  • Contains Optaflexx™ for increased weight gain, feed efficiency, and increased carcass leanness on market cattle during the final 28-42 days

  • Highly digestible fat sources included for added support of bulk, bloom, and muscle hydration

  • Powdered, and water soluble for optional drenching


What type of cattle does Man Up work well on?

Ideally, like with any Ractopamine based product, you'll want to start with an animal that is sound, square, and functional. Our team has found that Man Up tends to work better on cattle that are later-maturing and lighter conditioned that need an extra punch at the end. However, it has been used with success on a multitude of types of cattle.

How does Man Up differ from Show Cattle Explosion?

Man Up contains additional fat sources and was originally developed for the use on slick shorn cattle to be utilized as a drench since it is powdered and water soluble. Show Cattle Explosion is time-tested and has fed as many winners across the country as any Optaflexx based supplement on the market. If you don't want to drench Man Up, feed the pelleted Show Cattle Explosion.

How much Man Up do I need to drench or feed and when do I use it?

When drenching, mix 8 ounces of Man Up in about 5 oz. of warm water, or enough that it will drench easily. Administer twice a day. When feeding dry, mix 8 oz. of Man Up into their complete ration twice a day. For reference, each pound of Man Up contains 430 mg of Ractopamine HCL. We recommend feeding Man Up the last 28-42 days before your target show. 

Man Up is not to be used on animals intended for breeding.

Important Management Tips

  • Always provide access to fresh, clean water.
  • Check weight gains at set time intervals and adjust daily feeding rate as needed until target weight is reached.
  • Always transition slowly from one ration to another to help avoid digestive upset.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein: 14.50%
  • Fat: 7.00%
  • Fiber: 2.00%
  • Medication: Ractopamine
  • Form: Powder