Milk It!

Non-medicated milk replacer designed to be fed to pigs during the final push to enhance bloom and intake.


60 Seconds with Sunglo: Milk It



  • Highly palatable, Non-medicated milk replacer for show pigs

  • Immediate acceptance can help support overall caloric intake

  • Easily digestible proteins and fats help support bloom, muscle shape, and rib cover


What type of animal does Milk It! work well on?

Milk It!™ is a great option whenever extra calories are needed for either market hogs or breeding gilts. If your animal needs a nutritional boost with easy to digest milk fats and proteins, Milk It!™ is the right option. Harder or tighter made breeding gilts and market hogs often need more fat cover to make them look more compositional correct, and Milk It!™ is one way to achieve that goal.


How does Milk It! differ from traditional milk replacers?

Traditionally, milk replacers are costly due to their added inclusion of medication. Milk It!™ is NON-MEDICATED, therefore less costly than other milk replacers on the market. However, this also means that you DO NOT want to feed Milk It!™ to baby pigs that need to be on a medicated milk replacer.


How much Milk It! do I feed or have them drink?

When feeding Milk It!™ dry, feed up to 1/2 lb. per head per day. When feeding as a liquid, mix at the rate of up to 1/2 lb. of dry Milk It!™ into whatever desired amount of liquid you deem necessary for that animal, up to as much as 2 quarts.


Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 20.00%
Fat: 20.00%
Fiber: 0.10%
Lysine: 1.80%
Form: Meal