Pig Finisher

Pelleted 16% protein option that can be fed at any time


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How They Feed: Pig Grower & Finisher with Blake Logan

How They Feed: Pig Grower & Finisher with Blake Logan



Sunglo® Pig Finisher is a 16% protein pelleted option that can be fed at any time during the feeding period. Don't let the name confuse you, feel free to utilize Finisher on market hogs or breeding gilts that have plenty of muscle shape that need a softer appearance. Need an 18% protein pelleted option? Check out Sunglo® Pig Grower™. 


Using Sunglo® Pig Finisher:

  •  Sunglo® Pig Finisher™ can be fed once your pig reaches 75 lbs. and up, or at any time during the feeding period depending on genetics, maturity and style of pig you're feeding. 

  • At the start of the feeding period, gradually introduce Sunglo® Pig Finisher™ over time the first few days, divided into two equal feedings.

  • Start at a rate of up to 3 lbs. per day for younger pigs, and up to 8 lbs. per head per day for pigs 200 lbs. and up, all while adjusting the amount based on consumption, end goal, and rate of gain.

  • Transition slowly from one ration to another to minimize risk of digestive upsets.

  • Be sure to include Sunglo® CleanOut™ as part of your deworming protocol 

  • Always be sure to keep pigs warm, dry, and allow plenty of fresh, free choice water. 

Feeding Tips:

Slowing Rate of Gain:

If your pigs are gaining too rapidly, it may be necessary to use one of the following options:



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Guaranteed Analysis for Pig Finisher™:

Protein: 16.00%
Fat: 5.00%
Fiber: 4.00%
Lysine: 1.05%
Form: Pellet