Sector 1 Base Crum

A high milk product base mix designed to meet and exceed the needs of pigs in the early starter phase.

This first phase mix allows producers to make a complete grind mix feed after using Sunglo Pre-Starter and/or Sunglo Starter.

  • Designed for pigs 18 to 30 lbs., but can be used up to 40 lb body weight.
  • Formulated with the highest levels of milk proteins, crystalline amino acids, plasma and other highly digestible proteins to assist pigs transitioning to ground feeds and promoting muscle development and skin and hair aesthetics.
  • Ingredient combination promotes appetite and improved daily feed consumption.
  • Non-medicated to allow for farm specific medication options.
  • Crumble form to optimize flowability in feeders.Use at 500 lbs/ ton along with corn, soybean meal, and fat. – 50 lb bag (10 bags/ton)

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 20.00%
Fat: 8.00%
Fiber: 2.00%
Lysine: 2.35%
Medication: NON-MED
Form: Meal