Star-Glo Pellet

Formulated to give your show animal increased bloom and muscle tone while trimming excess fat. 

 An excellent top dress feed for sheep, beef and swine show animals. STAR-GLO gives your animal better hair growth, healthier skin and an increased appetite to achieve ultimate show bloom. Use STAR-GLO as an aggressive fat burner and as part of your holding ration to maintain muscle and freshness.

Feeding Directions:

Pigs: 4 oz up to 4 lbs/head/day. Sheep: 4 oz up to 1 lb/head/day. Goats: 3 oz up to 8 oz/head/day. Cattle: 8 oz up to 8 lbs/head/day

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 40.00%
Fat: 3.00%
Fiber: 4.00%
Lysine: 2.60%
Form: Pellet