Highly palatable supplement for show pigs that helps encourage intake, body fill, and gut health.

60 Seconds with Sunglo: Stuffed

Features and Benefits

  • Consistent particle size which helps encourage intake and digestion which leads to a better, more consistent body fill.
  • Added Diamond V XPC yeast and proprietary flavoring compound for increased gut health and crazy consumption.
  • Optimal fiber and fat ratios help to increase bulkiness, body shape, and depth of flank.


What type of pig does Stuffed work well on?

Stuffed can be used on pigs that need added body dimension, rib shape, and a fuller appearance overall. It can be utilized on both market hogs and breeding gilts.

How does Stuffed differ from other filler products in the Sunglo lineup?

Sunglo offers the most dynamic filler lineup in the industry. From Stuffed to S'more Fil to Full Tank® we have you covered. Stuffed is different from S'more Fill and Full Tank due to its added fat content, it's Diamond V XPC yeast, and proprietary flavor compound. You'll also get different fill across different areas of the animal's body with the different products. Don't be afraid to experiment to see which one works the best for you and your livestock!

How much Stuffed do I feed?

Feed Stuffed at a rate of .5 to 2 lbs. per head, per day. How much you feed depends on what you're trying to achieve. The more you feed, the more body fill you can achieve, however every pig will react differently, and some need less than others depending on how they respond and what their genetic potential is. Stuffed can be fed at any time in the feeding phase.

Important Management Tips

  • Always provide access to fresh, clean water.
  • Check weight gains at set time intervals and adjust daily feeding rate as needed until target weight is reached.
  • Always transition slowly from one ration to another to help avoid digestive upset.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein: 10.00%
  • Lysine: 0.50%
  • Fat: 12.00%
  • Fiber: 12.00%